SERENDIPITY 2017 – Be There! – May 25-29, 2017

A few pictures from our past awesomeness!

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The Sixth Annual Serendipity and Tanasi Burners’s Tenth regional burn will again be held at The Funny Farm, in Morrison, Tennessee over Memorial Day weekend, May 25-May 29, 2017. Our theme this year is Concentration!


Here’s a great video one of our participants made!

Our Path of Enlightenment has taken us deep into ourselves. We arose through the Awakening to find a deep thoughtful world of enchantment. We then turned our lives into one of Discovery, searching out the new and unknown. When along our journey came difficult times, we learned to innovate and improve, showing our all heart’s Perseverance. Through those storms and troubles, we found Happiness and learned that it is a choice, not a mere place or thing. Wrapping ourselves in joy and cheer, we found peace in our lives, leading us to be in balance and harmony with all life creating Tranquility in ourselves.
We now turn down the path of Concentration. Through applied and sustained thinking combined with joy and pleasure born of detachment, an inner stillness and oneness of mind is found, born of concentration. To further ourselves, requires the release of all pain and pleasure to be able to obtain the clarity and focus in our journey to enlightenment.